Trial lesson

Trial lesson






Stichting Stapel provides partner acrobatics. In contrast with aerial acrobatics, the moves are built up from the ground: human structures in balance. It’s not just the end position that counts – getting up and down is just as exciting.

It’s amazing to watch but even more fun to do yourself. The possibilities are almost endless; think about all body parts you can use to balance on each another – hands, feet, shoulders, knees, head!

Acrobatics stands or falls by co-operation. There are basic shapes which require all the principles of acrobatics. Balancing, climbing, jumping, throwing, catching – exploring together how to utilise the position and momentum of each other in order to minimise the amount of strength needed. Trust and safety are always at the forefront.

You work with contrasts: tensing – relaxing, travelling – breaking, moving – standing still. You develop body control whereby co-ordination, concentration and understanding are of great importance.
You develop a technique to carry lighter, fly higher and land with greater control.

In the acrobatics lessons we work on your sense of balance, (directed) strength and body consciousness. You develop these as you go along, so you don’t need to be especially strong, agile or trained to begin doing acrobatics.

Lessons are given by two instructors – one for the “under” and one for the “upper” position: the base and the flyer.

About stichting Stapel

In 1991 Stichting Stapel (Stapel Foundation) was set up by set up by two enthusiastic acrobats who loved teaching and playing with acrobatics.
Stapel wants to stimulate partner acrobatics in all its forms.

Acrobatics lessons form the dynamic core of Stapel.
Participants from the age of 16 can grow from absolute beginner to highly experienced acrobat.
Every spring we put on a festive presentation evening so all participants can show their acrobatic skills.

Stapel has produced the acrobatics shows “Licht & Romig” (Light & Creamy) and “De Sterren van de Hemel” (Stars of Heaven).
The children’s shows “Schik met Schrik” (Fun with Fear) en “Rare Haren” (Crazy Hair) have played for years across the whole country.

Stapel offers advice and coaching for acrobatics shows.
On request, Stapel can set up acrobatic projects for (high) schools and training courses, various companies and organisations, for festivals and parties.

The foundation has cooperated in the development of a curriculum for acrobatics education and acrobatic teaching methods. The foundation also contributes to the Dutch umbrella organisation for acrobatics, Stichting NAF (NAF foundation).

Stapel is the source of information and advice for partner acrobatics in Amsterdam and the surrounding areas.

Course presentations

Acro balance is not only fun to do, but also exiting to watch. In the spring course we use a few lessons to create short acrobatics shows.
These shows are presented to the audience (friends, family, …).

The course presentation of 2019 was on Friday May 24 at the Cygnusgymnasium in Amsterdam, Vrolikstraat 8 (metro station Wibautstraat).

Subsequently there was a buffet with home made dishes by the participants and room for chatting and enjoying a cheerful evening.

19:15 doors open
19:30 start shows
+/- 21:00 start buffet and party

Entrance for program, buffet and party: € 8
Children till 12 y half price
Drinks are not included

video /dvd

The presentation evening was taped on video.
You can order the recordings on dvd, or ask for a downloadlink (mp4 files).

The dvd can be played on dvd players or computer. The price per disk is only € 5 including case.
With the downloadlink you can download the video’s as mp4 files. The price for the downloadlink is € 4.

To order, please send an email to
Tell us if you want a dvd or the mp4 files.
You will recieve payment information, after payment we’ll make sure you get the dvd or the downloadlink.
Dvd’s of previous years (2008 – 2018) are also available, and of 2017 and 2018 there is a downloadlink.

Of course it’s easy to copy and share the dvd or files yourself, we hope that you are honest not to do so. Your payment covers the time involved with creating the video’s.

photo 2019

Here you find an impression in photos of the course presentation 2019.
You can download the photos in large size with the downloadbutton at the bottom of each folder.

Eeke – Nynke – Levien – Robin


blij maken met een dode MUS
Birk – Shaun


van een kale KIP kun je niet plukken
Marleen – Niels – Chris – Emma – Lobke


de OOIEVAAR is langsgekomen
Isabelle – Kevin – Stefanie – Cristan


zo lijp als een KANARIE
Sander – Marieke


een vreemde EEND in de bijt
Lisette – Dieuwke – Jonathan


TURELUURs worden
Joska – Levien – Noa – Annabeth


trots als een PAUW
Rian – Mirte


Dirk – Frits – Hilde – Sylvain – Lucy


de KIP of het ei
Frank – Debbie – Sofie H


Paul – Sofie B


dank je de KOEKOEK
Roos – Tim – Jamina – Eeke


in GANZENpas
Merel – Jonathan – Jurgen – Rebecca


vechten als een KEMPHAAN
Arend – Frank


impression 2016

Video impression presentation evening 2016

Courses Acrobalance

on the basis of building, balance and momentum


Det Rijven & Cahit Metin (Monday lessons)
Det Rijven/Angela Dirven & guest teacher (Tuesday lessons)

The advanced lessons on the Tuesday evening are thematic, and are given in blocks of 4-5 lessons, each block with a different guest teacher.

During the spring course a course presentation is given in which the participants showcase their acrobatic achievements to the public, all wrapped up in a theatrical theme.

Trial Lesson

Anyone who is curious about or interested in doing acrobatics at Stapel can come for a trial lesson.
The best opportunity is the first lesson at the beginning of a new course. This trial lesson is free and if you like you can immediately continue with the full course.
You can also come for a test run on another night. But then you will have to pay for that lesson: € 15 / € 17 (very advanced group).

After the trial lesson you can of course decide straight away if you want to join, or you can think about it for a couple of days. But by the next lesson Stapel would like to know your decision.
If you decide to join the course, the payment for your trial lesson will be deducted from the course fee.

Are you interested? Call or e-mail Det: 020 624 11 40 or, or fill out this form:

Course Schedule

19.15 – 20.45 basic group
21.00 – 22.30 intermediate

19.00 – 20.30 advanced
20.45 – 22.30 very advanced


spring course
general rehearsals: Tuesday 21 May 2019
presentation: Friday 24 May 2019
last lessons: 17 / 18 June 2019
fall course
start: Monday 9 / Tuesday 10 September 2019
span: 14 weeks
no lessons: 21 / 22 October 2019
last lessons: 16 / 17 December 2019


Circuswerkplaats Boost
Marcusstraat 48
1091 TK Amsterdam

BOOST is within walking distance of Amsterdam Amstel train station and Wibautstraat metro station.


Fall course 14 lessons (9/10 September – 16/17 December 2019)
basic group
€ 160 *
€ 160 *
€ 160 *
very advanced
€ 180 *

Spring course 21 lessons (7/8 January – 17/18 June 2019)
basic group
€ 235 *
€ 235 *
€ 235 *
very advanced
€ 280 *

  • free trial lesson on September 9/10, 2019
  • no classes in school holidays

* a little extra
The fees for the Stapel acrobatics courses don’t fully cover all the costs and since 2017 we don’t get any subsidy anymore. Thanks to your gifts in recent years and the donations from many others we are optimistic about Stapel’s future. As a result we didn’t have to raise the price of the courses this year. But we do still partly depend on gifts. So those of you who can afford it are welcome to pay more than the minimum amount. In that way, you help to keep the Stapel courses accessible to everyone whilst maintaining the high standards in teaching. For this, Stapel is of course most grateful!!


By participating in Stichting Stapel classes, participants agree to the following rules:

Newcomers can follow a trial lesson [in the first week of a course this is for free; afterwards it costs €15 (€17 for the most advanced)].
Within a week after this class the newcomer decides whether he/she wants to join the course.

Participants register for a complete course. Aside from the trial lesson it is not possible to participate per class, apart from exceptional cases and incidentally when the participant lives abroad and at the discretion of Stichting Stapel.

An ‘old’ course member reports no later than in the first week of the upcoming course if he/she doesn’t want to continue the classes; otherwise Stichting Stapel supposes he/she will join in the new course.

A course member must pay the course fee in the week he/she starts the course. Good reasons for paying in instalments can be discussed.

A reduction of 40% for the 2nd course is given, for participants taking part in two courses in the same period.

Course fees are not reimbursed. This applies, irrespective of the reason for stopping participation (illness, injury, pregnancy, moving house, etc.)

Classes missed can be compensated in a lower group during the ongoing course or the next course, provided course fees have been paid. Unfortunately compensation is not possible for the basic group as there is no lower or parallel course.

Video recordings and/or photography of (parts of) classes are not allowed, except of the participant him/herself and their partner(s) if clearly agreed upon.

Participation in the courses of Stichting Stapel is at one’s own risk.

Special workshops

Besides the regular Monday and Tuesday acrobatics lessons, Det also gives special workshops with one of the regular guest teachers.
These are workshops for companies and organisations where acrobatics is used to work with colleagues in a different way.
And workshops and lessons on Dutch and foreign acrobatics festivals, varying from single lessons to daily training in a week(end) program.

Teachers Training Partner-Acrobatics

by Det Rijven & Jim Klinkhamer

In 2014 and 2016/2017, Det & Jim taught a series of training sessions for (future) acrobatics instructors. The trainings are in six sessions, spread across three weekends, and include skills such as advanced technical knowledge, analysis of difficulties with the techniques, structuring lessons and explaining tricks.

The sessions are adjusted to the personal level of experience.

If you would like to receive information when a new series of these trainings will be organized, please let us know via this e-mail-link.

Workshop dates

Workshops 2019
– March: workshop Wenen (Au) > Det & Jim
– April: Paasacroyoga Someren (NL) > Det & Jim
– May: Akrobatikfestival Frankfurt 2019 (D) > Det & Jim
– May: Acroyoga Sur Festival Andalucia (ES) > Det & Jim
– June: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival (NL) > Det, Jim, Marco, Roos
– July: French Acrobatic Convention (F) > Det & Jim
– Aug: Fourth Austrian Acrobatics Convention (AT) > Det & Jim

Workshops 2018
– Februari: Akrobatiktreffen Kiel (D) > Det & Jim
– April: North Africa Camp-Out Marrakesh (M) > Det & Jim
– April: Akrobatikfestival Frankfurt 2018 (D) > Det & Jim
– May: workshop with Duo Die Amsterdam (NL) > Det & Jim
– May: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival (NL) > Det, Jim, Marco, Jos
– July: Sun, Sea & Waterfall Acro Festival (HR) > Det & Jim
– Aug: Third Austrian Acrobatics Convention (AT) > Det & Jim
– Dec: Acrobatic New Year (NL) > Det & Jim


Workshops 2017
– February: Akrobatiktreffen Kiel (D) > Det & Jim
– May: workshop with Due Die Amsterdam (NL) > Det & Jim
– June: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival (NL) > Det, Jim, Marco, Cahit
– July: French Acrobatics Convention, Eulalie/Bordeaux (F) > Det & Jim
– August: 2nd Austrian Acrobatics Convention (AT) > Det & Jim
– October: 8th Acro-Yoga Festival, Portland (VS) > Det & Jim
– November: workshop Basel (CH) > Det & Jim

Workshops 2016
– February: Akrobatiktreffen Kiel (D) > Det & Jim
– May: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival (NL) > Det, Jim, Marco
– June: Israel Acro Convention 2016 (ISR) > Det & Jim
– July: French Acrobatics Convention, Eulalie/Bordeaux (F) > Det & Jim
– August: 1st Austrian Acrobatics Convention (Au) > Det & Jim
– September: Acrobatic Barcelona Convention, Barcelona (Es) > Det & Jim

Workshops 2015
– January: Winter Flight, Tel Aviv (Israel) > Det & Jim
– May: 29e Nederlands Acrbatiek Festival, Sittard (Netherlands) > Det, Jim, John, Marco
– June: Workshops Acrobalance London (UK) > Det & Jim
– July: French Acrobatics Convention Eulalie/Bordeaux (France) > Det & Jim
– September: Akrobatiktræf Kopenhagen (Denmark) > Det & Jim
– October: 6th Acro-Yoga Festival, Portland (USA) > Det & Jim
– October: Palo Alto (VS) > Det & Jim
– October: NYC, The Muse (VS) > Det & Jim
– December: Pré Wonen Velserbroek (NL) > Det & Marco
– December: Acrobatiekfestival Beek (NL) > Det & Jim

Workshops 2014
– March: Akrobatiktreffen Kiel (Germany) > Det & Jim
– April: Akrobatiekworkshops in Wenen (Austria) > Det & Jim
– April: PaasCroYoga, Veluwe (NL) > Det & Jim
– May: Frankfurter Akrobatikfestival 2014 (Germany) > Det & Jim
– June: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival Hilversum (NL) > Det, Cahit, Jim, Marco
– July: French Acrobatics Convention, Eulalie/Bordeaux (France) > Det, Jim, Jos
– August: Akrotreff Räterschen (CH) > Det & Jim
– August: Krupa Acrobats convention (BIH) > Jim
– October: 5th Acro-Yoga Festival, Portland (USA) > Det & Jim
– October: Athletic Playground, Oakland SF (USA) > Det & Jim
– October: NYC Dutch Acro Festival, Brooklyn Zoo (USA) > Det & Jim

Workshops 2013
– February: Akrobatikfestival Kiel > Det & Jim
– May: Nederlands Acrobatiekfestival, Bemmel > Det, Cahit, Jim
– July: French Acrobatics Convention, Eulalie/Bordeaux > Det, Jim, Jos
– September: EAAC, Edinburgh > Det & Jim
– September: Akrobatiktræf Kopenhagen > Det & Jim
– October: 4th Acro-Yoga Festival, Portland (VS) > Det & Jim
– October: The Muse, Brooklyn, NYC
– November: Gemeente Utrechtse Heuvelrug, Driebergen > Det & Marco


Det Rijven is Stichting Stapel’s regular trainer. Together with Cahit Metin, she teaches the beginners and intermediate groups.
The advanced and very advanced groups are taught in blocks of 4-5 weeks, by Det or Angela Dirven, each block with a different guest trainer: Jim Klinkhamer, John Kessels, Jos Derks, Marco van Zanten, Marjolein Wagter, Peter van Valkenhoef, Tobias Bader and Wybren Wouda. all of whom have been active in acrobatics from between 15 to 30 years and have been trained in the school of ex-circus performers the Como Brothers and Osmani’s.









guest teacher


guest teacher


guest teacher


guest teacher


guest teacher


guest teacher


guest teacher



… is co-founder of Stapel. Det has a background in modern dance and has played in childrens’ performances for many years. She has been teaching acrobatics to amateurs and at the Theaterschool Amsterdam since 1987; she performed with acrobatics groups ‘Aiuto’, ‘De Sterren van de Hemel’, ‘Licht & Romig’ and ’16 Feet’.


… started as a child with Circus Elleboog. In 2009 he was co-founder of TENT circus theatre productions. He works there as performing artist and has many other roles.


… is one half of duo ‘Oddlings’ and of ‘Duo Marange’. She performs in several shows.,


… is architect and has many years of building and teaching experience in acrobatics. He performed in ‘De Sterren van de Hemel’ and is Det’s partner for workshops abroad.


… acted in several theatre and acrobatics groups and now performs with duo ‘Oddlings’. He also coaches circus theatre projects for children and adults.


… is co-founder of and performer in ‘Circus Klomp’ and ‘Cycling Circus’ and the brain behind ‘Dutch Acrobats’. He develops and coaches short acrobatics courses and circus theatre projects. He has been trained for teaching at the Brussels circus school. and


… comes from the north, worked at youth cirucs Santelli and performed with ‘Sterke Jurken’. She is half of ‘Duo Marange’ and founder of ‘Compagnie with Balls’. She is circus teacher at the youth circus for several years.,


… started doing acrobatics when she was 15, and never stopped. She is one half of the duo ‘Roos en Lokke partner-acrobatiek’ and has years of experience teaching in the Netherlands and abroad.


… is not only acrobat but also architect and musician. He performs in the music-acrobatics-juggling-trio Tres Loco’s. He concentrates on dynamic elements as used in Rock ‘n Roll and Lindy Hop, but is also fond of an old-fashioned steady handstand.,


… has many years of experience in teaching acrobatics at youth circus Santelli and at the Dutch circus schools ACaPa in Tilburg and Codarts Rotterdam. Also trains in acro-gymnastics. Has performed in many groups.
The teachers of Stichting Stapel


Course location:
Circuswerkplaats Boost
Marcusstraat 48
1091 TK Amsterdam

Postal address:
Stichting Stapel
Verversstraat 16 B
1011 JA Amsterdam

+31 20 624 11 40

NL06 INGB 0000 663877

VAT 8033 22 501

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